Community Festivals

12 h Open Space

Puppet/ Figure/ Object Theater
Photo: Annika Ley

Every year at the end of the season, Schaubude Berlin opens its doors for a long night celebrating the diversity of independent puppet, figure and object theater in Berlin: 12 hours filled with productions, theatrical experiments, puppet comedy, video art, installation and walk acts – for audience members of all ages. Here are the rules of the game: all theater makers with work of a maximum length of 45 minutes in which puppets, figures, objects or forms of animation with new media are used can apply to have their work presented in the festival. The schedule of programming is decided solely by the works submitted. In addition, an audience award will be  given within both the children’s theater schedule of programming as well as the evening schedule of programming.

Presented by Schaubude Berlin

12h open space is held annually at the end of the season; the next edition will take place on June 20, 2020.


Photo: Thore Rehbach

The programming series AUSUFERN by Uferstudios is held annually in the summer since 2016 and initiates and presents art projects which especially focus on social space and attempt to initiate dialog with the neighborhood. The programming approach refers back to a notion of choreography which understands itself not only as production, but as a social practice as well. This brings the desire of all partners of Uferstudios to open the location much further forward. AUSUFERN is artistically implemented together with Berlin-based and international artists as well as with members of the urban society.

Presented by Uferstudios GmbH

The next edition of Ausufern is expected to take place in 2021.

BAM! Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater

Music Theater
Music Performance
Photo: Marcus Lieberenz

BAM!, the festival of Berlin‘s independent music theater community, brings together a dense schedule of programming providing exciting views of new paths in music theater. In doing so, the focus is placed less on opera but still on forms that follow the original question of the intertwining of sound and action on a stage. New theater strategies take the place of earlier narrative forms. They are closely tied to working methods that can hardly be aligned with the structures of repertory and ensemble theaters; instead, they are rooted within the independent performing arts community. The goal of BAM! is to bring the approaches of this type of theater together, to place them in a relationship to each other and to purse the question of where music theater can lead today.

Presented by Zeitgenössisches Musiktheater Berlin (ZMB)

The next edition of Berlin Showcase is expected to take place in 2021.

Berlin Showcase

Performing Arts for very young Audiences
Photo: David Beecroft

Berlin Showcase is a festival featuring current productions for very young audiences in and from Berlin. Theater o.N. is the initiator and presents the format together with other performance venues such as Schaubude Berlin. The focus is placed on the presentation, networking and artistic research of the interdisciplinary Berlin arts community creating work for very young audiences. Encounters with the international community of practitioners are made possible and the work of Berlin-based theater artists is presented to national and  international curators and presenters.

Presented by Theater o.N.

The next edition of Berlin Showcase is expected to take place in 2021.


Spoken Word Theater
Photo: Sven Hagolani

The Monologfestival at Theaterdiscounter has been held every two years since 2007. For this edition, it is initiating and coproducing ten new theater solos exploring current social and political topics. The new productions of these monologues and performances, which primarily come from Berlin’s independent performing arts community, result in a polyphonic exploration of the topics during this festival. At the same time, the artists and collectives fully investigate the complete range of the genre of monologue with their diverse aesthetic signatures. The Monologfestival presents autonomous individual statements that are very well suited for touring as they lack elaborate sets.

Presented by Theaterdiscounter

The next edition of the Monologfestival will take place in autumn 2019.

Open Spaces

Photo: Zé de Paiva

In 2014, Tanzfabrik Berlin founded a new format, Open Spaces, which brings together the current projects of the artists who worked in the Tanzfabrik studios over the course of the year. This means that Open Spaces is not a curated festival; it consciously refrains from providing a central topic and its understanding of dance is quite intentionally very broad and diverse. The artists research connections in interpersonal, social, political and physical spaces, refer to past tendencies in their work and invent as well as discover new methods and concentrations for their work. It allows the audience to experience a schedule of programming which is rich in diverse event formats: These include conversations and exhibitions as well as performances from the first rehearsal impressions all the way to the premiere.

Presented by Tanzfabrik Berlin

The festival Open Spaces is held three times a year.

Berlin Performing Arts Festival

Independent Performing Arts Made in Berlin
Photos: Paula Reissig

This festival celebrates the diversity of Berlin’s independent performing arts community at numerous theaters and performance venues through the entire city. Since 2016, this annual week-long festival presents the work and artistic positions of Berlin’s performing artists and groups working in all genres. With LAFT Berlin serving as the organizer, this uncurated festival is presented by the independent performing arts community itself. Young artists who are new to the community also have the opportunity to present their work within the scope of a curated Newcomer’s Platform. The festival’s schedule of programming is intended both for a Berlin-based audience as well as interested parties and professionals throughout Germany and abroad. The schedule of programming will be supplemented by ancillary programming as well as special formats and events for German and international professionals.

Presented by LAFT Berlin — State Association for the Independent Performing Arts LAFT in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Sophiensæle and Theaterdiscounter

The 2019 Berlin Performing Arts Festival will take place from May 28 to June 2, 2019 throughout the city.

Plataforma Berlin - Amazon(a)s & Shaman(e)s

Video Dance
Photo: Haroldo Saboia

Plataforma Berlin enters into an exchange with Ibero-American and Berlin-based artists and aesthetics. The festival explores the present existential crisis of humanity and conducts a transdisciplinary reflection on the human body. It is creating a movement of intercontinental amazons and shamans proposing actions to address the way we affect society with our myths, rituals, animality, violence, and statements of progress, life and death, having the body as protagonist. Plataforma Berlin provides space for the development of individual utopias and seeks to link the history and the future of humankind by researching and articulating artistic and everyday realities.

Initiated by Martha Hincapié Charry together with Ibero-American artists.

Plataforma Berlin is held annually; the next edition will be held in summer 2019.

Tanznacht Berlin

Photo: Dieter Hartwig

The biennial Tanznacht Berlin festival presents choreographic work from artists based in Berlin. What began in 1998 as a gala to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Tanzfabrik Berlin was continued from the year 2000 as Tanznacht Berlin and has taken place over the course of several days at Uferstudios in Wedding since 2008. With a different curator each time, the changing artistic approaches and discourses in Berlin are continuously followed. Each edition places itself in context with the city and the operating structures and formats within it. In exchange with artists, the festival experiments with presentation and encounter formats, sending cultural policy signals in doing so. Since 2015, the discursive format Tanznacht Forum has been offered in the years between editions of the Tanznacht Berlin festival at the end of August.

Presented by Tanzfabrik Berlin

The Tanznacht Berlin festival is held every two years generally at the end of August; the next edition will be held in 2020.

Tanztage Berlin

Photos: Natalia Labake, Foteini Christofilopoulou

Tanztage Berlin has become one of the most important national and international platforms for new choreographers in Berlin since its founding in 1996. Participation in the Tanztage Berlin festival is an important step toward a professional career for many artists – they receive financial and dramaturgical support.Additional focuses of the festival are international cooperations with many nations, including Iran, Greece, Egypt, Poland, Israel, Sri Lanka and Mexico, as well as new communication and feedback formats. Alongside the founders Barbara Friedrich and Benjamin Schälike, the festival was curated by Inge Koks, followed by Peter Pleyer for eight years. Anna Mülter has been the Artistic Director of Tanztage Berlin since 2014.

Presented by Sophiensæle

from 09.01.2019 to 19.01.2019

Tanztage Berlin is held annually in January; the next edition will be held from January 9 to 19, 2019.

The Expo

A Showcase of Wahlberliner
English as a Working Language
Photos: Jerun Vahle

Since 2013, this annual festival has presented performances from the diverse yet often still undiscovered international independent performing arts community of Berlin with a working language of English. Over four evenings, each with one full-length or two shorter productions, the festival presents a cross section of this community across all performing arts genres. Within ExpLoRE, the newcomer’s platform, the Sunday afternoon is open to smaller formats or work still under development. The 2020 schedule of programming will be curated by festival founder Daniel Brunet, producing artistic director of English Theatre Berlin, as well as choreographer Olivia Hyunsin Kim and theater director Shlomo Lieberman, from the applications received based on the criteria of artistic excellence, internationalism and creative diversity.

Presented by English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center

The Expo festival is held annually; the next edition will take place from April 19 to 25, 2020.

(Inter)national Festivals in Berlin

Augenblick mal!

Children's & Youth Theater

english description follows

Presented by KJTZ and ASSITEJ e.V. in cooperation with theaters in Berlin

from 07.05.2019 to 12.05.2019

The Augenblick mal! festival takes place every two years. The next edition will be held from May 7 to 12, 2019.

Berlin Circus Festival

Contemporary Circus
Photos: Miikkael Kukkula

The Berlin Circus Festival is the festival for contemporary circus in the heart of Berlin. It invites the audience to discover the breathtaking mix of circus, dance and performance during eight high-class productions under our big top. 10 days of festival with young, international artists from all over Europe. Stunning acrobatics, juggling, theatre, dance and a unique festival site.

The festival features renowned productions, spectacular shows, emerging artists and much more. It is the perfect time to discover the so-called contemporary circus, which is already enchanting an incredible number of spectators abroad!

On the site, there are as well art exhibitions, live music and savour delicacies with your drinks in the rays of the late Berlin summer sun.

Presented by Berlin Circus Production

from 23.08.2019 to 01.09.2019

The Berlin Circus Festival takes place annually; the next edition will be held from August 23 – September 1, 2019.

Fratz International

Performing Arts for Very Young Audiences

Fratz International is the only festival nationwide held especially for participants aged zero to six. Every two years, Fratz hosts a selection of outstanding visiting productions from various countries in order to make these works accessible to Berlin audiences and the national children‘s theater scene in Germany and to promote international exchange.

Grounded in the belief that art and culture should be available to all persons regardless of age or social or cultural origin, a core element of the festival is that the visiting productions are shown at locations dispersed throughout Berlin — in temporary venues in districts where theater productions otherwise are rare.

Presented by Theater o.N.

from 03.05.2019 to 08.05.2019

The next edition will take place from May 3 to 8, 2019.


Live Art
The Agency "Love Fiction", Photo: Piotr Rybkowski

Presented by brut Wien, FFT Düsseldorf, Gessnerallee Zürich, Mousonturm Frankfurt, Sophiensaele Berlin, Schwankhalle Bremen, Theater Rampe Stuttgart


Children's & Youth Theater

english description follows

Presented by JugendKulturService gGmbH Berlin

The performance series takes place annually in the fall and ends with the awards ceremony in November.

No Limits


english description follows

Presented by Lebenshilfe gGmbH Kunst und Kultur in cooperation with HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Theater RambaZamba at Kulturbrauerei, Ballhaus Ost, Theater Thikwa at F40

from 07.11.2019 to 16.11.2019

The festival takes place every two years. The next edition will be held from November 7 to 16, 2019.


Dance For Young Audience
Iron Skulls Co. "Sinestesia", Photo: David Brock

In addition to a professional stage program featuring numerous dance performances, the festival offers an extensive supporting program. In collaboration with participating artists, there are introductions to the works performed, discussions, and free workshops for students of all ages and teachers.

The goal of the festival is to make children and young people curious and enthusiastic about dance. To do so, it puts together a joyful and energetic program presenting various aesthetic approaches and types of content from the international contemporary dance scene. The festival not only wish to diversify young people's viewing habits, but also encourage them to participate, empathize, and think outside the box.

The festival is aimed at children and young people ages 6 and over and at anyone who is interested. Most of the dance performances will take place in the morning, in order to enable school classes to attend during school hours.

The festival's main venue is the Uferstudios in Berlin's Wedding area. It cooperates
with TanzZeit e.V. at the Podewil (in Berlin-Mitte), and Theater Strahl.HalleOstkreuz (in Berlin-Lichtenberg).

Artistic Director: Canan Erek
Festival Management: Inge Zysk

from 21.01.2019 to 27.01.2019

Purple - International Dance Festival for Young Audiences will take place every year in January; the next edition will take place from January 21 to 27, 2019.

Tanz im August


english description follows

Presented by HAU Hebbel am Ufer

The festival takes place annually in August.

Theater der Dinge

Contemporary Puppet/Object Theater
Théâtre sans Toit "Cubix", Photo: Jean Yves Lacôte

The international festival THEATER DER DINGE is one of Germany’s most important festivals for contemporary figure and object theatre. Choosing different themes to focus on, the festival reflects the current trends and currents of the genre, explores peripheries and pushes experimentation at the intersections with affiliated arts. The productions, installations and exhibitions that are invited to participate all possess a unique artistic language, a wholly individual aesthetic quality and a certain urgency with respect to their content.

Presented by Schaubude Berlin

The festival takes place annually in October/November.